Apiary Farms near Nadia

Our apiary is in a valley Sugoklei. In historic place, near the Museum of Ivan Karpovich Tobilevich (Ivan Karpenko-Kary). Look on the map . We are in the apiary
Yuri Kryachko the apiary

The reserve is a lot of trees of different species and ages, there is even exotic. Manzhursky such as walnut, Japanese Sophora.

On the meadows of the reserve during the summer growing very many flowers. And the silence is broken only by the buzzing of bees.

Closing his eyes immersed in an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and not feel fast running time, which is felt in both cities.

One can imagine the writer under the apple blossom wrote plays and its colorful characters.

Here bees collect pollen from the best in the world
Here, bees collect
best in the world of pollen on the beam grows a lot of cornflowers that bloom all summer. In the undergrowth in the shade of trees, a lot of growing Leonurus.

The earliest blooming Proleski small undergrowth, snowdrops on the slopes of beams, and with them the bees carry pollen from the first. Later flowering willow goat (SEALs), verbolozy are a lot in the floodplain of the river, on the slopes of the coast of flowering coltsfoot, hazels. Later blooming dandelions and gardens.Acacia blossoms week, but the fragrance in the air is indescribable. And it gives the thinnest, most delicate honey. Pasieka, view the profile
Pasieka, view the profile

In forest undergrowth, and blooms a lot of different kinds of maple, a lot of Gledius, yellow acacia, Tatarian honeysuckle, and all that blooms in different colors and shades of colors, and the ground beneath them harbor a colorful carpet of wildflowers.

Limes are not very many, and its time of flowering coincides with flowering buckwheat, when the smell from the fields so strong that from him dizzy.

But the main honey harvest we have with sunflowers, which wreaked great deal. Simultaneously, Japanese Sophora flowering in tree,and because honey is harvested at this time is very gentle and sweet, not like a sunflower, collected in other areas.

On sloping fields of barley and wheat stubble, as if from beneath the earth grows Shandra, and they become snow-white, and the bees' honeycomb blanch and are fragrant honey.Last season, as the last note in the scale.

Our apiary
Our apiary
apiary Our specializes in the production of honey, pollen, royal jelly. Production is highly dependent on weather and whether it would be sown in the fields. Honeywe basically poliflorny floral with various wild flowers.

Pollens , too - different colors, with various plants, such as field poppy - black, with buckwheat - light salad, with sweet clover - a creamy white. And in a bag, it looks like a colorful platter.

Royal jelly , we take into mother liquor with uterine larva, without violating the sterility and the natural "packaging" and stored at subzero temperatures, allowing to keep the healing properties of royal jelly and larvae for a long time.

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Documents at the apiary

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